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A Place In the Sun Live

Since 2022, we have consistently assisted at the renowned A Place in the Sun Live exhibitions. Year after year, our team travels to iconic cities such as Manchester, London, Birmingham, Dublin and Ascot, joining the APITS team to reach out to those looking to purchase property in Spain.
Our outstanding team of solicitors, advisors, accountants and conveyancing experts will be on hand to offer advice on all aspects of buying a property in Spain. From answering questions about residency permits to providing clarity on tax issues, guidance on the buying and selling process and detailed information on how to relocate to Spain.
Attending one of these events is undoubtedly the best opportunity for foreigners who are looking for advice on their trip.

Second Home Beurs

In September 2023, we set our course for Utrecht to participate in what we consider to be the most outstanding property exhibition in the Netherlands: Second Home Utrecht. This event proved to be a unique opportunity to connect with hundreds of Dutch property enthusiasts yearning to acquire a property in Spain, whether for permanent residence or holiday use.
During the exhibition, we immersed ourselves in a few days of one-on-one attention with those who months later realised their dream of owning a property in Spain.
We don’t like to limit our presence simply to an exhibition stand; we believe that direct engagement with visitors who are passionate about the idea of buying their ideal home is essential.
Second Home encapsulates an event packed with quality advice, knowledge sharing between professional and interested parties and the opportunity to find the property you are probably looking for.

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