Areas of Practice

Legal Iuris is an active law and tax firm in Alicante specialised in multiple areas of Spanish Law and their sectors, highlighted by providing a tailored and effective service to our client´s requirements.

We solve legal issues always keeping in mind our client’s needs and their own objectives.

Due to we operate in the market for more than seventeen years, we are able to act in almost all legal situations, dealing with all the scenarios and areas that may take place to an enterprise or a particular, with the confidence of having solved them previously successfully for both parts, client and firm.

Legal proceedings

During all our years of experience, we have handled and solved all kinds of cases in civil matters, debts, personal issues with the justice system, family relationships, property rights, inheritance or successions among other matters, personalizing each case according to the client’s personal situation at all times. 

All processes are carried out under the maximum professional guarantee and with complete advice to companies and individuals.


In Legal Iuris we have dedicated and experts professionals lawyers in conveyancing, document management, issues with payments delay, all type of sanctions repeals related to conveyancing contracts and much more, ready to offer our clients all type of help and consulting during all the active negotiation before, during the process and after. 

In addition, our jurists speak different languages for those non-residents who wants to start any legal process.

Architect and urbanist

In the urban planning licenses and permits field, there are many difficulties that happen on a daily basis. That is why, in the firm, we advocate providing a complete consultancy service for problems with construction contracts, real estate, urbanistic penalties and everything related to this area, advising the client in a clear and transparent method at all times.

The firm has extensive experience in urban legislation, which allows us to resolve cases quickly and successfully.

Legal and other services

In Legal Iuris we think that each particular case is unique and personal, that is why our working method is based on the study of them in an independent and appropriate way looking for those details that make it a special situation. 

An individual attention on each case is necessary for solving any lawsuit.


Legal compliance with Spanish tax regulations can, in many cases, be difficult to manage without incurring a failure, regardless of the size of the company, freelance or even an individual resident in the country.

Taxes and fees regulation change constantly, appearing new ones, deleting other ones and changing those that are currently active in the country, as well as changing depending on where you are. Some of them requires to be paid once a year as La Renta.

We advise our clients about taxes, spanish taxes, inheritance taxes, tax appeal and claims, non resident taxes and corporation taxes among other things.

Companies and freelances

We work hand in hand with firms and freelancers giving them advice in legal economic matters for their well-evolved in their sectors in all related to intellectual property, bankruptcy and insolvency, transactions and contracts and corporate finance in general.

Suggest solutions to problems that a firm could encounter throughout its action is one of Legal Iuris motivations, acting in representation of the firm or recommending always the best legal solution for any require that could appear in your company

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