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Beckham Law What is the Beckham Law? The Beckham Law is known as the tax regime for workers relocated to Spanish territory. This tax regime grants tax benefits similar to those of a non-resident for those who relocate their residence to Spain for work purposes.Spain is not a particularly attractive country fiscally speaking, so it… Continue reading Beckham-law

Second Chance Law 2023

Second Chance Law in Spain What is the Second Chance Law? The Second Chance Law is the legal procedure by which a debtor (whether an individual or a self-employed person), in a situation of insolvency, can negotiate, reduce or even cancel all of his debts. It is intended for bona fide debtors who are unable… Continue reading Second Chance Law 2023

Taxation for Non-Residents with rented properties.

Taxation for Non-Residents with rented properties. It´s becoming increasingly common for foreigners from different countries to be interested in Spain as a country to invest in, and although there are different means, the most common is still the purchase of properties. While many owners buy the property with the intention of enjoying it all year… Continue reading Taxation for Non-Residents with rented properties.

Spanish Will for foreigners

Spanish Will for foreigners The Will is the legal document that reflects the wishes and wills of the person in which it is, clearly indicated, how the assets will be distributed when the testator is missing. This way, any confusion that may arise after the decease is avoided and the destination of everything considered important… Continue reading Spanish Will for foreigners

Digital Nomad Visa

Digital Nomad Visa In December 2022, the Spanish government published Law 28/2022, which regulates this new visa. Longed for by those foreigners who were looking for a way to live in Spain without giving up their work outside the Spanish territory or, for those who receive income from different sources and want to enjoy their… Continue reading Digital Nomad Visa

Golden Visa Spain – Residence by investment in Spain.

Spanish Golden Visa – Residence by investment The Golden Visa has become one of the most comfortable and popular options for those non-EU investors looking to move to Spain for several reasons, including the advantages it offers.  In this post we will tell you everything you should know about the Golden visa. The Spanish Golden Visa is a… Continue reading Golden Visa Spain – Residence by investment in Spain.